Feb 042008

I just installed Windows Live Writer and I’m pretty impressed.  It’s a tool from Microsoft(ack!) that let’s you write all your posts locally on your own computer and when you are pleased, post them up on your blog.  Here at Camp Organical, we use WordPress, but Live Writer works with all the major Blog players, hosted or otherwise.  It’s also got the ability to take plug-ins much like Firefox for example to simplify common things such as add a polaroid picture, such as this one of my might Garnet stack o’ amps.  Tilt and polaroid courtesy of the nifty polaroid plugin for windows live writer. 


Feb 032008

I’m playing around with the image gallery right now, trying to get it setup. I realize that I have very few of the images people have taken at our various shows. If you have any, would you mind flipping them over to us. We would be happy to credit the photographer, and say nice things about you when you’re name comes up in conversation.

Please email any pics to info@organical.net