Mar 072009

We’ve been getting busy at Camp Organical the past couple of weeks really moving forward with tracking now.   We had a session where we finished off the drums for “Claxon, Clarion” and did another version of tracking the drums for “You Need Help.”  After hearing the snare sound on “Claxon..” and with the addition of the second bass drum to John’s kit, we felt we needed these things in “You Need Help.” So done and done.   One of the great things about recording in your own studio is you have those type of luxuries, and we have made a very conscious decision to take advantage of those options.

Last week Ed and myself went to one of local music stores and rented some gear for doing guitars and vocals.  We added two Joe Meek preamps, and a lovely silky smooth Presonus Eureka preamp, as well we rented a Neumann TLM 103 and a CAD Trion 8000, both terrific mics.    We put the CAD on John’s second kick and it was a great improvement.   We will probably go back to the songs that we have already tracked the second kick with(only a couple) and trigger the new sound in.   We had hoped to be able to rent a really high end preamp but the best available was the Presonus, which is still much better then anything we had, and Ed was so impressed with the Joe Meek VCLQ, especially for the price, that I think he will probably buy it.

Session 33 was spent on setting up Darren’s guitar amp and trying out our new mics and preamps.   We settled on setting up the amp in the downstairs bathroom mainly because we can isolate it the most in that room as we don’t have a dedicated live room or isolated recording booth.   We’re initially focusing on the high gain guitars which we generally just close mic.    After a few hours running through various combinations, we were able to get a whole bunch of tones that we were pretty happy with.    We left it at that and session 34 came back and added a second cabinet that we could mic separately.  Darren is playing a Mesa Boogie through 2 separate cabs with 10” speakers.   After a few more hours of tweaking, we settled on the CAD on the first speaker with a trusty Shure 57 on the second.    The CAD is rich and full while the Shure adds some nice sparkle that compliments quite nicely.  We also played around with the phase alignment and got the 2 tones locked in quite nicely.    We were then able to track the heavy part of “Here Comes the Radiation” and all of “Diabolik.”

Next session should be fun for me as a finally will get to track something as we’ll move on to a couple of my guitar parts(I hope.)

Even though there is still a little bit of drum work and probably about half the bass to track we are going to focus on guitars and maybe some vocals over the next month while we have this gear rented.   We also committed to trying to get more sessions in, which is tough for all of us with our schedules.

Darren and Ed have been taking lots of pictures so hopefully they will send them to me to add, or add them by themselves.

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  1. Just a couple of additional details…

    The amp is a Mesa/Boogie F-30 head, running into two Mesa/Boogie Thiele ported 1×12 cabs (they’re 12″ speakers, not 10″).

    The first cab is an older model with an Electro-Voice EVM-12L speaker. It’s nicely broken in and is smooth and punchy. This is the one we mic’d with the CAD. I has a nice warmth and “air” about it that works really well.

    The second cab is a newer Boogie model with their custom Celestion C90 speaker. It’s a bit brighter and “harder” sounding, likely because it hasn’t been punished enough… yet. 😉 We mic’d this one with the SM57. It complements the more open and airy sound of the EVM cab + CAD mic nicely, bringing a bit more bite, density and punch to the sound.

  2. One more detail: the Shure mic we’re using is, in fact, a PG56 tom mic. We are using it for recording the bass, too. Essentially a 57 in a smaller casing, and larger windscreen, similar to the SM58. Slightly higher impedance (rated 200 Ohms vs 150 Ohms on the SM57), and has a wider & shallower upper-mid lift (unlike the 57 which has about a 6db boost around 3KHz). We call it a 57, because it’s a Shure and it has a very similar voice to the 57, but at close proximity, goes down deeper.
    Just like my first wife.

  3. I get so turned on when you guys talk all technical.

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