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Mar 282009

A while back, our good friend George Todorovski helped us out on the batterie both in the studio and on the road during our search for a full-time drummer.  This search ultimately blossomed with Canadian drum legend and also-good-friend John Lalley joining Team Organical.

George has since completed his second solo album under the name Thirdstage, called "Holes" (recorded & produced right here in The Lab at Badvision studios & featuring Organical’s lovable bass-player, Edward B., on all things deep-sounding).  George is also an accomplished visual artist, featured in the current Spring/May 2009 issue of Heavy Metal Magazine, on stands now!  Boobies! 

His YouTube channel, MEDIAPUNCH, has lotsa cool stuff he’s involved in, past and present, including samples of his artwork, and the first video from the Holes album.  You should check it all out by clicking on the convenient links imbedded on the very text above….  Go  now!!

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  1. That’s awesome news! George is one of the most creative individuals i’ve ever met. He’s one of those people that is talented in so many disciplines, it’s just nuts. Congratulations, George!

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