Recording Diary 22

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Dec 092008

I just looked up and realized it’s December 9th, and it’s been about 2 weeks since I posted an update here.

Last week was pretty much a write off due to weather and me being under the weather, but we got together this week sans our drummer to continue arranging songs.   I showed Ed and Darren some parts to a new song called "Urawaza" which went very smooth and we started creeping around the arrangement for "GIANT Monster."   This one was on the original demos I did last year but the demo was really just a snippet of some of the parts. the rest of it has been percolating in my head, and we added some business to it, so I think it’s ready to get going.  The bestest news is that they are the last songs to pull out of the song bag, so once we get all these into John’s hands we are off to the races.

We also played around with "Warning Light" some more just to make sure it’s ready for us to lay some temp tracks later this week, as well we went through a song off the first Organical CD "Psyche Self-Defense" which we are going to re-record.  I’ll leave which song a surprise but the reason we are doing it is we have been playing it live in a pretty different arrangement, so we thought we’d capture that.   I think it’s something I would like to continue to do going forward, re-conceptualize older pieces if there’s some validity in doing so.

While I was sick last week, I did some work on rough mixing some of the drum tracks we had done already to get a sense of how they are sounding, and was pretty impressed with what we tracked.  The goal was to create some loops from John’s playing that we are going to use in John vs. The Machine but I dropped the tracks down onto a CD and brought them over to Ed’s to here on his excellent stereophonic setup.  I did some rough mixing, a little EQ and compression, but didn’t get all hung up on details, I just wanted to get a general sense of things and confirm that we stuff we are going to be happy with once we start mixing for real.   Mission accomplished.

Next I created some loops and arranged them along with John’s drums into the John vs. The Machine sequences I had already created and everyone was pretty stoked about how they were sounding.    I tell you all signs point to yes as the Magic 8-Ball would say.

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