Oct 082008

OK I’m back!  Actually the last post was written last week but I just got around to posting it now.  In the meantime we had another session and a productive one and that!

When we last met, we had left of with your heroes struggling to turn "Corpses of the Dead" into "Revenge of the Corpses of the Dead."  I don’t want to give away the ending but suffice to say I think we’ve got it.  John then proceeded to do another red-star worthy first take drum track.  We were so ecstatic that we decided to fire up the BBQ.

BTW, a short detour here, we actually plan to setup a webcam that will allow all of you, the adoring public to peek into the lab, but I haven’t had time to set it up here yet, so consider this a little foreshadowing if you will.

After eating burgers, we went back and starting working on a new song called "The Warning Light is Blinking."   Remember!  temporary names of the songs, just keep that in mind.   I was unsure of bringing this one in yet because the rest of the band had not heard it yet, and I wasn’t happy with the arrangement.    My fears were assuaged when everyone contributed a little bit of magic and a couple of hours later, it was pretty much ready to go.   I think a little more polish and then John will be ready to tackle this one.

I really am stoked about this song because it’s new, the rest of the stuff we have been working on has been stuff that we have been playing or that have been rattling around in my head for over a year.   Even though we have been adding new parts and "freshening" up the songs, it feels really good for me to hear the band work on something new.   This should continue throughout the rest of the drum tracking as a good portion of the material left is either new, or radically different from what is demo’ ed. 

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