Jul 152008

Boy oh Boy are we having some struggles getting going here.   Some roadblocks include(but not limited to) The Lab(our recording home, and Ed’s basement) getting flooded and having a tree fall on it.  Seriously.   It’s also been a bit of a scheduling conundrum with the boys in the band busy on summer wanderings and the like.

Day 2 was really just getting back together, eating some hamburgers and running through some of the material to see if we remembered how to play it.  John, our resident Drummer Laureate was not available so we jammed on some Magma songs instead.   Don’t be surprised if we don’t start playing Zombie Ghost Dance at some point in the near future.

Day 3 was studio update time.   John was again unavailable, so we planned to update our software(SONAR 7 is our main weapon of choice) and setup my portable Instant-Organical station, which included my laptop freshly loaded with all the rough tracks, sequences and samples that we are using.  The slow part is making sure all the plugins we use and all the sound libraries are loaded and in the right directories so they match up with my home setup.   Ever complicated, it means we are now keeping, or trying to keep 3 computers in sync.   Which file version of the song is the right one?  It’s almost a metaphysical question.

John did chime in with news that he’s bringing a new bass drum head so we can hopefully resolve our kick sound woes from day 1.  

Next up is hopefully getting our drum sound super, and maybe, just maybe we can actually start laying down some tracks.  I live in eternal optimism.

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