Here is all betamax.

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Feb 072008




I just wanted to point out, to all of you people that might be stumbling into our abode, that we are in beta.  That means if something isn’t working.   Beta.   If you notice a spelling mistake for instance. Beta.   If Ed is posting blog entries about putting things in slots.  Beta.  

Holy Hell, if gmail can still be in beta years after launching publicly I figure we have a little bit of time.

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  1. Maybe we should say all is VHS. Beta is far superior than VHS. Just like vinyl and CDs. The Kids Today have ruined everything for the rest of us aesthetes, what with their fancy conveniences like the MP-Threepios and the Facebooks. Let’s see them use an abacus. Hockeypucks!

    I jest. I love the kids. The kids are alright. Come to our shows and buy our music. Stay in school!

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